Brand FAQ

Do you need to get the word out about a new promotion?  Do you need content for paid social? Do you simply want to amplify your brand presence? We understand that brands are continually looking for new and exciting ways to reach consumers through social media.  We also know that creating content can be challenging, time-consuming, and costly. What if we told you that GigPig is the first app to solve all those problems?

How does the GigPig app work?

The GigPig app connects brands looking for people, aka Gigsters, interested in promoting their product or service on social media. People get paid and brands get content- FAST.

How does this benefit my brand?

GigPig delivers strategic assignments to real people who create authentic content.  We call these people, Gigsters. Our team works with your brand to ensure that key messaging is conveyed through the Gigsters content.  For instance, if you’re running a special promotion on one of your products, we make sure that the Gigster mentions that specific product and promotion.  Each assignment comes with key talking points and a sample video as an example. Of course, we encourage our Gigsters to naturally be themselves in how they want to talk about the promotion and how it applies to their everyday life.  The Gigster then sends their content through the GigPig app. We vet the Gigster’s content, and once it’s approved, they post to their social media. They get paid, and you get genuine, user-generated content that you can choose to repurpose in whatever way you’d like.  Post it on your brand’s social media, use it for paid social, or simply use it as a tool to reach consumers through the Gigster’s social platforms. Our team is here to help you manage your digital advertising and strategy in a timely, cost-effective way so that you can achieve your goals.  

How fast is the turnaround?

We work fast!  We’re not like dealing with an agency where tons of people and processes need to get involved.  Once you come to us with a promotion or new product launch, for example, we gather your brand’s key talking points.  Our copywriters take that information and then draft the assignment for our Gigsters as well as create a sample video for their reference.  The gig is then sent through the app to our Gigsters with a deadline. From the time you reach out to us until the time a Gigster completes an assignment can be as fast as a week! We like to get things done quickly around here! We know content is king, and brands need it fast.  

What makes this different than influencer outreach?

No more back and forth negotiating fees. No more reaching out to countless content creators only to find that none are within your brand’s price range. No more sending out hundreds of emails just to be ignored.  We already have Gigsters signed-up and ready to promote. Moreover, each Gigster assignment states the money they’ll receive if they do the task correctly. If it’s not a gig they want to do, or it’s not something they have the time to do within the deadline, they don’t have to do it.  It’s up to them! We weed out all the riff-raff for you!

What if my business isn’t national?  

That’s ok!  Our database of Gigsters is broken down by location.  We only send assignments to those Gigsters within your geo-targeted area.

What if my brand caters towards a specific demographic? Like what if my product is for women ages 30-60?

If your product caters towards a specific demographic, we can determine which Gigsters would be better suited to promote your product or service and only send an assignment to them.

How do Gigsters know about a gig?  

We send an alert through the GigPig app to our Gigsters within your brand’s targeted area.  Each Gigster will see the details for the gig- the deadline, the instructions, and the payment upon completion and approval of content.  Once our team approves the content, the Gigster will post on their social media, and we will share their content with you.

How do you determine if the Gigster’s content is good?  

That’s the easy part.  Our team is comprised of producers with decades of experience in video production and casting so we know when something’s good or not.  If we don’t like it, we won’t approve it. All approved content will be sent to you so that you may re-purpose it in however you see fit.

Who owns the Gigster’s content?

The brand owns exclusive rights to the Gigster’s content.  However, GigPig also has the right to share a Gigster’s content on our social media.

Do we have to tag a Gigster’s content when shared on our brand’s social media?

No.  That is completely up to the brand whether or not they tag the Gigster when posting on social media.  

Can I use a Gigster’s content for paid social? Do I have to pay the Gigster extra for that?

Yes, you may use a Gigster’s content for the purposes of paid social. And no, you do not need to pay extra as the brand owns the rights to Gigster’s content.

What do I have to pay a Gigster?

You don’t have to worry about that, we manage that part too! We work within your campaign’s budget.

What if I only need 20 people to boost a promotion?

We can work within your brand’s needs to customize gigs.  We can put a cap on the amount of Gigsters we send an assignment.  

What is GigPig’s fee?

Our fees are broken down by a variety of things like turnaround time and the amount of Gigster’s that complete an assignment.  For more information and to discuss your brand’s needs, please contact