Current Gigs


We work with a variety of brands so it’s important that you check in regularly. Currently, we have paying gigs with Sam’s Club at various locations around the US.


Cities (with contact info) include:

  • Dallas- Fort Worth, TX (

  • Los Angeles, CA (

  • Quad Cities, IA (

  • Las Vegas, NV (

  • Miami, FL (

  • Jacksonville, FL (

  • Atlanta, GA (

  • Houston, TX (

  • Detroit, MI (

  • Charleston and Mt. Pleasant, SC (


If you do not live in one of these cities, do not worry. We are constantly adding new cities, and each brand has a unique geo-target. If we do not have gigs in your area right now, that could change as soon as next week. Please make sure to download the app and follow the directions so that you’re ready when we need you! Payment for gigs ranges from $25-$250

gigsters in action

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